Ashlyns Leaders visit Year 3 – March 2017

Last week, a group of Ashlyns Learning Ambassadors visited Year 3 to lead a lesson on descriptive writing. The Ashlyns students played guessing games with small groups of children, who had to describe pictures to each other. The students then supported the children to write about the pictures using imaginative, exciting, ambitious and appropriate WOW words. Here are a few comments from the children:

“I enjoyed the game when we tried to describe the picture, then we made two paragraphs to describe it with your imagination.”
“When the Ashlyns people came I enjoyed playing the back to back game where we had to guess the picture.”
“They were all very kind and they helped us when we got stuck.”
“I really enjoyed the fun games we played and I was proud of my handwriting.”
“I loved it because I learned new things and we played lots of games.”
“I liked trying to guess where the place in the picture is!”
“I enjoyed writing about the sea.”
“I liked describing the rainforest.”
“I liked making Ashlyns laugh!”

Thank you, Ashlyns!