Home-Learning Parent Workshop – October 2017

On Tuesday 3rd October we held a Home-learning parent workshop where all teachers shared a variety of fun and engaging ways to support their child’s learning at home as well as supporting them with weekly homework. Thank you to the parents and carers who attended this workshop and for your very positive feedback. Please share these ideas with other parents who weren’t able to attend.














Here is just a snippet of the amazing feedback we have had from the workshop!

Ingenious ideas on the Foundation Stage table! I’m looking forward to trying out some of the suggestions. And thanks for the help with the Christmas shopping!

Great workshop full of engaging ideas.  It’s made me realise I need to be more imaginative!

Brilliant! Thank you. A huge bank of ideas, presents, stocking fillers for my children.  Every parent should have these ideas to hand!  Very enthusiastic and helpful staff.

Very interesting ways to learn when out and about to make it fun without making it feel like learning.