K-Nex Challenge – March 2017

The children of Year 5 took part in the K-Nex challenge.  The challenge aimed to provide pupils with an exciting introduction to the world of engineering and technology.  The children were asked to produce a moving bridge that would allow cars to cross it and boats to pass through.  Working in pairs, the children put their design solution to the test and built their own models. 

It had to be enough to hold a 500g weight and span 30cm. There were some brilliant, well thought out designs varying in size and innovation. This activity really gave the children the chance to use their imaginations and take time to think about how to build a stable structure. 

Both classes produced a range of different designs, but there had to be one that took first place. In Team Lowry the worthy winners were George and Jay and in Team Picasso the successful duo were Sarah and Ebony.

A great time was had by all!