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Travel Forum

Westfield Primary school have a Travel Forum which is made up of parents and teaching staff from across the school. We are always happy to welcome new members, so if you have any spare time to attend meetings, or have a particular skill you feel would be beneficial to our Forum please contact the office.

We meet once every half term and discuss many areas of travel, from scooter training to breakfasts to improving routes to school.

We are committed to ensuring that everyone travelling to school can do so as safely as possible. We have subscribed to Living Streets Walk Once a Week which encourages the pupils to travel to school in a “green” way. Walking to school keeps the pupils fit, encourages social interaction and reduces congestion around the school. If you are unable to walk all the way from home to school, please consider parking away from the school gates and walking the last 5 minutes to school.


Our successes so far have been:

  • One scooter bus – we are the first school in Hertfordshire to have a scooter bus, and we are very grateful to our volunteers for making this possible.
  • We are part of the Berkhamsted Travel Forum, in which all schools work together to develop safer routes. The Forum at Westfield was instrumental in the setup of this.
  • We have received from County the scooter pods and cycle shelter, which are filling up nicely.
  • Year 4 have been receiving pedestrian training, this is carried out by some parents who have received training from County. We are also able to offer scooter training for year 2 and cycle training for year 5, the cycling training is delivered by Bikeability, and the scooter training from County.http://bikeability.dft.gov.uk
  • Lorry safety training is carried out across the school delivered by the police, this teaches the children how dangerous lorries are, showing the limited visibility.
  • We organize breakfasts for children who walk to school, and also for those who have scooted or biked to school.
  • We are supporting the Monster Parking campaign, in which we are targeting cars which have parked inconsiderately and issuing a Monster parking ticket. With the limited amount of spaces around the school it is important that motorists are considerate, and that the children are able to cross roads safely. We run various competitions throughout the year to promote safety on the way to school.
  • We took part in Sustrans’ 2015 Big Pedal in which we encouraged as many children as possible to travel to school either by bike or scooter.
  • We are in the process of taking part in the Sustrans’ Big Shift 2015. This is helping us improve the number of children walking, scooting or cycling to school. We are running this together with Walk to School Week.
  • The Travel Awards are carried out every year, and Westfield have always been successful, 2013/2014 we won the School Travel Award overall, in the Walking Bus category Holly Green was Highly Commended, in the Road Safety Award, the Travel forum was Highly Commended, and the Living Streets Walking Champion we were Highly Commended.
  • We are currently working towards Silver accreditation from Modeshift Stars, having achieved Bronze in 2014.Modeshift STARS provides a national framework for the implementation of sustainable and active school travel activities and is the only national accreditation scheme for rewarding sustainable School Travel Plans. It is an easy to use online system that significantly reduces the amount of time and work schools are required to undertake on travel planning.Modeshift STARS monitors travel to school patterns locally, regionally and nationally ensuring that all users can monitor progress at the click of a button; including data on travel patterns, carbon reduction and improvements in physical activity levels. The system makes it easy for schools to plan their activities and upload evidence of actions resulting in nationally recognised accreditation for work supporting pupils and families to travel more actively.
  • Year 5 children have been shown Herts County Distractions DVD showing them the perils of pedestrians using mobile phones, as they are walking to and from school without an adult.

Our priority is children’s safety.