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Committee Members

Here are the current committee members of W1SPA:  

Holly Green w1spa@westfieldprimary.herts.sch.uk
Ali Cronin
Sharon Mattingly
Allan/Rebeccah Plenderleith
Beth Kidd

Other Committee Co-ordinator Roles:

Cake Sales Lisa Engel
Bags for School Helen James
Camping Nell Sparks
Film Night Holly Green
Supermarket Vouchers Jo Harding
Woods Vouchers Beth Kidd
The Giving Machine Beth Kidd
Christmas Card Beth Kidd

Class Reps

Year N

Cordelia Gohil / Hannah Bolton
Year R

Sadie Clarke

Year 1 Gillian Barnett
Year 2 Vicky Parslew
Year 3

Liz Trolley / Emily Perks

Year 4 Claire Mistry
Year 5 Picasso Victoria Riddick
Year 5 Lowry Natalie Shattock
Year 6 Nell Sparks