Pizza Express Visit – Year 5 Lowry – January 2017

Last half term, Team Lowry designed posters and delivered them to businesses and charities around Berkhamsted as their Random Act of Kindness. The aim was to spread happiness and positive feelings and to encourage people smile and be kind to one another. There was a brilliant response from the local community – not only did they put the posters in pride of place on their shop fronts but they emailed the good wishes to their whole staff and tweeted about them on social media. Despite not intending to receive these responses, we were over the moon that we might have made a difference to people’s days. However, the surprises didn’t stop there, Pizza Express invited Team Lowry to make pizzas!! How amazing! Of course, we took the restaurant up on their offer and on Thursday 12th January we became chefs for the morning. It was so much fun, the children really got into the spirit of the pizza chef – twirling their pizzas in the air and spreading the tomato sauce with their fingers! 

As we ate our pizzas back at school, we reflected on how one small act of kindness, that expected nothing in return, has given all 32 of us (teachers included) so much joy (and full bellies). We are inspired to continue to do these small random acts of kindness knowing that we are making the world a better place #doinggoodfeelsgood