Science Fair Year 5 – June 2016

Science Fair at Berkhamsted Civic Centre and Gable Hall

On Friday 17th June, team Lowry had the opportunity to attend a Science Fair, funded by The Ogden Trust, a charity that promotes the teaching and learning of physics.

On arrival at Gable Hall, the children split into groups to participate in a variety of investigations. One activity, involving the use of a laser, enabled the children to learn more about the visible light spectrum, which will be great preparation for Year 6. In another, the children had the opportunity to see objects, hidden to the naked eye, by using infra-red equipment.

The whole class came together to visit the planetarium, a great experience and one which reinforced and extended their recent learning about our solar system.

Our visit concluded with an opportunity to view and handle a selection of meteorites and to examine the forces at work when dropping a ball down a K’NEX rollercoaster.

The Science Fair was both a great learning opportunity for team Lowry and a lot of fun as well. I would like to thank all those who worked so tirelessly to organise this event and of course all the Westfield adult volunteers who came along on the trip and made our participation possible.

Fiona Shirley.