Science Week – March 2017

It was British Science Week in the week beginning 13th March 2017. Westfield Primary School celebrated with a special science day on 15th March, when classes were encouraged to take part in a variety of science activities. These did not need to be linked to the areas of the curriculum currently being studied but were designed to simply be fun and engaging.

So many investigations took place, it is probably impossible to list them all but they did include changing the colour of milk, picking up jelly with chopsticks, experimenting with bubble shape, making spaghetti bridges, combining coke and mentos and also combining bicarbonate of soda and vinegar.

The School has also entered the Setpoint paper challenge again this year. This time the children had to make flowers using just paper and scissors. Congratulations to those chosen to represent the school in this competition and indeed to all the children who created such amazing designs.