The Finance Challenge – June 2017

Year 5 took part in ‘The Finance Challenge this year, where they were given £5 and set the challenge to make it “grow”. This has been a great opportunity for the children to begin to develop their business acumen and financial awareness. Much of their trading has taken place outside of school hours, however, like last year, we also gave the children the opportunity to sell in school at the Finance Challenge Market on: Friday 23rd and Friday 30th June. The hall was packed with excitement and a fantastic whole school community buzz as children from across the school supported this event by buying a range of items on sale. Year 5 Lowry and Picasso would like to thank everyone who supported them with this event and to Miss Davis for organising it with the help of Mrs Banton.  

We are delighted to announce that an amazing total of £1,286.78 was raised! All of this money will remain dedicated to the current Year 5 cohort as they move to Year 6, where a decision on how best to use it will be made. Well done Team Lowry and Team Picasso – great effort!