Year 6 Perform at the 02!!! – January 2017

On Thursday 19th January, Year 6 had the fantastic opportunity to sing at the 02 , with a choir of 7,500 other children as part of the Young voices choir. Last term, the children worked extremely hard learning 14 songs and dance moves which they proudly performed to parents. The children also enjoyed performing with Street Dance Company Urban Strides. We look forward to welcoming Andy ,the founder of this inspirational dance company, back to Westfield to carry out Dance workshops with the children later this term.

Well done to all of our Year 6 children who were ambassadors to Westfield and demonstrated impeccable behaviour during the day. We were extremely proud of you all!

The children thoroughly enjoyed this amazing memorable experience. Here are just a few of their comments …

“ I really loved the 02! I really liked it when all the lights shone on us as we sang . It was one of my best nights!”

“ I really enjoyed singing the songs and had a really fun time! I also really loved the acts by Urban Strides.”

“I believe the best part is when the 02 first comes into sight. It’s magnificent and stuns you a bit. Also, when the lights are off and the torches are on it looks magical like a starry sky! I would definitely recommend this experience.”

“I really enjoyed the singing and when all the lights were out and our torches were on it was so magical!”

“The 02 was one of the best trips ever! My favourite parts were probably the Beat boxers and when Andy from Urban Strides gave a special mention and came to see us in our seats! Thank you so much to Mrs Edwardson, Mrs Ayles, Mrs Shirley and Mrs Stace. ”

One parent commented…

“Thank you so much for taking Y6 to the Young Voices event yesterday. Max was so excited when I collected him last night, and he couldn’t wait to tell me every detail of their trip. It was such an incredible experience for them, one they will remember forever. He’s now decided he wants to learn how to beat box! It was amazing to see so many children all singing together.”