Recycle more in 2020!

With growing concerns regarding climate change, this year Westfield would like to do more to promote the importance of REDUCING, REUSING and RECYCLING our waste. Please support us by doing your bit at home too. Even small habit changes can make a difference!  Please send in any USED PENS, BATTERIES, INKJET CARTRIDGES, NESPRESSO COFFEE PODS, TOOTHBRUSHES/TUBES, CONTACT LENS PACKAGING where these can be placed in our recycle bins all situated in the front entrance. Thank you also to all those parents who supported us with recycling clothes through our ‘Bag 2 schools‘ scheme this month.

A very BIG thank you to Laura and Douglas’ Mum for promoting the recycling of toothpaste tubes, brushes etc. at Acorn Chemist, where already 5kg of waste has been collected to be recycled.

Thank you for supporting us and our environment. It is not too late to make little to changes to your habits, which will make a BIG difference!