Assembly with the Inspirational Stuart Hayes! – February 2018

Last week we had the privilege of an inspirational assembly by Olympic triathlete Stuart Hayes.
Below is a little bit about his event triathlon and his journey to success!
Triathlon is classed as one of the hardest sports in the world. It consists of three continuous disciplines. Swim, bike and run.  Stuart Hayes is a world class professional triathlete and has worked hard to become one of the best in the world. As a professional the distance that you race is 1500 meters swim, 40km bike and a 10km run. This is normally done within 2 hours.

Staurt was born in Twickenham. As a child Stuart had too much energy and his mother and father tried everything to wear him out, just so he would sleep at night, it was only when he joined the local swimming club that it actually worked, and it turned out that he was a natural.

Stuart went from strength to strength with his swimming, winning numerous events. He went on to representing his county a number of times. But he became fed up with spending all his time in a hot swimming pool. He decided he wanted a new challenge. At the age of 13 Stuart found triathlon.

Training hard and being very determined he went on to win the youth National championship when he was just 14 years old. This lead to him representing Great Britain at Europe and World leave. Where he finished 3rd at the World Junior Championship in Cancun Mexico at the age of 17.
Staurt has won numerous race’s. Both domestic and international. One of Stuart’s biggest achievement was in 2010 he won his first ITU Triathlon World Cup event in Kitzbühel, Austria. Stuart was part of a group of five riders who broke away on the cycling leg of the event and ran to victory.

In 2004 Stuart was ranked number 3 in the world. But was very disappointed to closely miss out on selection for the 2004 Olympic in Athens, Greece.
But this continued to be his dream, so he continued to train and work towards this goal. But in 2008 Stuart suffering two punctures during the qualifications and failed to qualify for the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, China.
Stuart dream came true when he was selected to represent Great Britain at the 2012 Summer Olympics in the men’s triathlon alongside brothers Alistair and Jonathan Brownlee. He was selected to be a domestique role for the Brownlees brothers. Concentrating on his cycling so that he could protect the brothers. Stuart lead the whole of the bike at the Olympic Games which meant that he was too tired to run as fast as the others he had done his work for his team. He finished in 37th place, however in this race he was there to help the two Brownlee brothers, a job he succeeded in as Alistair finished in gold medal position and Jonny in bronze. Stuart was very proud to have represented Great Britain and work as a team with the two Brownlee brothers. 
He then went on to race in the Ironman distance which is much longer, it consists of a 1900km swim, 90km bike and a 21.1km run. He had a very successful career but as he is now 38 he has decided to slow down and become a coach. He now trains some of the best triathletes in the country and really enjoys sharing all of his knowledge to help them progress and be successful.