Black History Month – Oct 2022

On Thursday 13th October as part of our whole school focus on Black History this month, Key stage 2 children took part in a workshop. They learned about segregation by grouping themselves into months of their births and then only being permitted to do certain things and speak to certain people within those groups. They empathised with those who have experienced segregation and realised the unfairness of this.

They also learned about the history of slavery and how black people were eventually emancipated, but that some people still experience discrimination today. The children then made freeze frames of important people throughout Black History. For example, Rosa Parks, who helped to change discriminatory laws such as limiting black people to only sitting in certain places on buses. 

The workshop enhanced the children’s learning of Black History as well as their understanding of being inclusive of all types of people. They agreed that people of all ethnicities, cultures, genders and those with disabilities should be treated with compassion and equity.