British Science Week – Mar 21

This year, British Science week took place in our first week back at school after lockdown. As such we had a whole day of Science learning to celebrate live learning and to welcome the children back, getting them excited about the learning ahead.

The theme was ‘Innovating for the Future’ and we focused on the environmental theme of reducing plastics. We looked at how plastics are recycled and which ones are easier than others to recycle. We also looked at the Big Clean-up campaign to research the impact of single use plastic on wildlife across the world. Classes made their own pledges to reduce plastic and planned a plastic free party. As part of the innovation theme, we looked at how companies are producing alternatives to plastic , and made our own alternatives, replicating Science innovation in industry. We used Cornflour, newspaper and jelly to make alternatives to plastic. It was a fun packed day, full of Scientific discovery!