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BBC Schools Digger and the Gang
BBC Schools Words and Pictures
Online Stories
BBC Little Animals – Storybear
  Aesop Fables
Snaith Primary

Myths and Legends

Nursery Rhymes

Fablevision Place Library
Bulaja Fairy Tales
BBC CBeebies

Storytime Bedtime Story
Topmarks The Gingerbread Man
Lancs NGfL

Steven Seagull at the seaside

Steven Seagull in search of treasure

Books and Authors
Scholastic The Online Adventures of Captain Underpants
Snaith Primary School Meet an Author
Letter Work
Lancs NGfL Letter Formation
Starfell ABC’s
NGfL Cymru Alphabet
Word Work
BBC Schools Starship

Word Jumbler

Word Balloons

Blast the Rocket

BBC Schools Magic Key Code Calling
PBS Kids Word Play
BBC Words and Pictures


Consonant Clusters

Long Vowel Sounds

High Frequency Words


Prongo Drag and Drop Letter Game
Starfell Learn to Read
Sentence Work
BBC Schools Starship

Space Spins

Penguins on Ice

BBC Schools Magic Key

HMS Sweet Tooth

Lug and the Giant Storks

The Patchworker

Dragon Land

The Sound Monster

BBC Skillswise

Sentences Structure

Past, Present and Future Tense


The Punctuation Show The Punctuation Show
Text Work
Starfell I’m Reading
BBC Schools Magic Key

Floppy and the Puppies

Fraser the Eraser

The Cream Cake Mystery

BBC Schools Starship Story Plant
BBC Skillswise

Types of Text


Building Paragraphs

Scholastic If You Were President
BBC Skillswise


Words to watch out for

Look, say, cover, write and check

Root Words

Spelling Plurals


BBC Schools Spelling with the Spellits
Ambleside School Look, cover, write and check
Eduplace Power Proofreading

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