Fab Science Workshop – Dec 2021

This term the children were treated to an exciting and interactive Science workshop led by Fab Science. The children were able to explore whether substances were alkali or acidic using test tubes and pipettes and a natural indicator made from red cabbage. . They were excited to observe the effects of adding bicarbonate of soda to different vinegars and how the carbon dioxide created, was able to inflate the balloon.  They compared the size of the inflated balloon by using different- sized bottles, different vinegars, and different amounts of vinegar. They were also awed by the Patronus created by Dry Ice! The workshop culminated in exploding lemonade. All very exciting and a great introduction to those scientific skills of observing, comparing and testing, as well as the awe and wonder of Science!  It was a captivating and informative day for all!

‘Thank you for inviting Fab Science to your fantastic school! We have been so impressed by the enthusiasm of the children and staff and we are sure we’ve met a few future scientists today! Keep experimenting and stay curious.’ Emma and Imogen Fab Science