‘Feel Good Weeek’ Feb 2019

As part of our continued focus on supporting mental health and wellbeing at Westfield, we started this month with our annual ‘Feel Good week.’  

To kick off ‘Feel Good week’ we had a whole day of drumming workshops.  Music is great for children’s wellbeing and the children enjoyed the opportunity to demonstrate their musical and performance skills.   They did amazingly well, leading and following drumming rhythms, dynamics and performing different parts together as a whole.   The Drumming leader was very impressed with our children’s musical skills! Each class focused on different aspects of drumming and performed in an assembly to parents at the end of the day.   It’s great that everyone rose to the challenge and had the opportunity to put their new skills into practice. 

Here is the positive feedback we received from Ed at the Music Workshop company …

‘I’ve thoroughly enjoyed leading the African Drumming workshop today. Every year group has been enthusiastic, attentive and musical. Westfield has an excellent sense of rhythm!’

On the Tuesday each class enjoyed a relaxing session of yoga with Soraya. This incorporated a combination of yoga exercises and mindfulness. The staff and children spoke very positively about these sessions saying how relaxed and calm they felt as they returned to class to continue their learning.

Thank you to Soraya for the following feedback…

‘You are without doubt, my favourite school to offer yoga classes to. The children are respectful and responsive and very open to new things. I’m sure the calm atmosphere in the school, created by the daily mediation is part of the reason. It is a friendly, welcoming school. Thank you for inviting me to do yoga at your school. ‘