Governor in School – May 2019

On Thursday 2nd May, we invited our Governors into the classrooms to experience our day-to-day culture and ethos and learn alongside our children, as well as seeing school policies in practice. All Governors involved enjoyed their visit, especially talking to the children about Westfield school life. I was incredibly proud of all the children who spoke articulately about what helps them learn.






Here are some of the comments they shared after their visit-

‘Such a privilege to spend this time in school. Everyone has been very welcoming and open in sharing how proud they are of the school. A particular highlight today was seeing the inspiring drama workshop!

 It was a pleasure spending time in school. The children’s behaviour was great and they were engaged in their learning. Amazing school!

 It has been a pleasure talking to the children who are so proud of Westfield. Always a highlight of my year. I am always so impressed with how welcoming, confident and articulate the children are.’