Governors in school morning – March 2018

On Thursday 8th March the Governors spent the morning in classes to see school policies, procedures and learning in daily practice. They also had the opportunity to talk to the children about their learning, what helps them learn and what they enjoy at Westfield. The Governors expressed how much they enjoyed their visit. Here are just a few of their comments,

‘I would like to say how much I enjoyed my morning at the school. As ever it is great to see the school in action and it is the highlight of my year as a governor. Thank you to the staff and children.’

‘I really enjoyed my visit, a grounding experience for me. Staff – superb, students – brilliant. The embodiment of a learning environment. ‘

‘It is fantastic to experience the school in action. The children did you proud today. It is lovely to see how confident they are and it is wonderful to see them so engaged and happy.’