Growth Mindset Art Workshop – June 2021

On Thursday 10th June, we were delighted to finally welcome Ian Brealey, from Doodle Bug to deliver Art workshops to all Key stage 2 children.

During the workshop, the children were taught through a modelled session how to develop their drawing skills to create a cartoon character, as well as applying their mathematical knowledge of symmetry. Within the step by step approach children were encouraged to put themselves in the stretch zone, apply a growth mind-set and ‘a can do attitude’ to edit and adapt their drawings for accuracy. We were extremely proud of how focused and determined the children were throughout the session where they all produced drawings that they should be extremely proud of

After the visit, Ian sent Westfield the following feedback…

Thank you again for booking the workshops, I thoroughly enjoyed visiting your school yesterday and I thought that there were so many positives.

As somebody who promotes the Growth Mindset in schools, it was fantastic to see how your school’s Growth Mindset ethos is having such a positive impact on your pupils and their attitudes to learning along with your dedicated staff team.

Your school is a great example of why it is important to continually and consistently reinforce the Growth Mindset messages, credit to you and your staff as well who from my perspective are also making a significant positive impact.’