Jubilee Garden – May 2022

A VERY BIG thank you to everyone who has supported us to create our Jubilee garden, by your generosity of donating your time and hard work in digging and planting ,  purchasing a plant or donating money to purchase plants. Thank you to Mr Bray for supporting us with helping Mrs Stace to bring her garden design idea to life!

Well-done to Kai’rell in Year 6 for writing to our local supermarkets and Garden centres to request their community support – We would like to thank Waitrose, Hemel Garden Centre and Hillier’s Garden centre who have supported us with donations as well as Holden knight supply agency who have supported us financially to purchase our water feature.

It has been such a fantastic community project to bring us back together after Covid and something that we can enjoy over the coming years. The children are very excited to help to take care and water the garden next term – if you would also like to support us with the general uptake of this garden please contact the school office.