Mindfulness and the Paws b Curriculum – Sept 2021

As you are all aware the emotional wellbeing of our children is extremely important to us at Westfield, where the pandemic emphasised even more how vitally important it is to support ours and our children’s mental health. During the day, our children take part in short meditation practices, where they learn how to pause, focus on their breath and experience how being in the present moment supports them to feel calm and make positive choices.

There is a growing body of evidence that shows that when children meditate, they reduce their levels of stress and anxiety and activate the calming-response part of their brain. In Key Stage 2, the children are taught the Paws. b Mindfulness curriculum. Here the children learn about four important parts of the brain, how they work together to support them recognise how their thoughts and feelings are connected and learn positive strategies to support them recognise and manage their big emotions.

We are very proud to share some of our current Year 5 children at the end of the summer term reflecting on what they have learnt from this and how these strategies have supported them in their own lives.