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School Dog

Introducing Milo

On April 16th 2017, our very special Cockapoo puppy was born with his 5 brothers and sisters! During the first few months of his life, the whole school community have enjoyed watching him develop and grow, thanks to Jean, the dog breeder for sending us film clips and regular photographs from his home in Bury …

Milo’s Journey

Milo’s Journey Milo was born on April 16th 2017 along with his five brothers and sisters!               Milo spent the first few months learning and developing with the dog breeder, Jean who was great at keeping us up to date with his progress with emails and pictures!       …

Milo’s Termly Times

Find out what Milo has been up to in the latest ‘Milo’s Termly Times’                  

What’s Milo Been Up To?

Take a look at what Milo gets up to around school!