Parent Power Webinar by Dr Kathy Weston – Jan 2021

Developing a strong partnership with parents to provide the very best emotional and academic support for your child is vitally important to us at Westfield from the moment you join our Westfield family. Parents often underestimate the huge influence they have in the home on supporting their children to thrive personally and academically.  
Dr Kathy Weston shares with Westfield parents her researched based, practical top tips on Parent Power : How the things you do at home can improve your child’s life chances. 
Thank you for continuing to closely work with us to support your child flourish. 
Feedback from parents:
“Just to say a very big thank you for organising the Dr Kathy Weston zoom talk – as always she is such an inspirational speaker whom I just love listening to. It is so nice to hear her reaffirm what we’re doing right, and what to do more of, but also to give us different things to try, or areas we need to do better / more of.  We have taken so much from this evening and we are very grateful we got the opportunity to join.”

“Just wanted to feed back in last weeks webinar by Kathy Weston. I found the session useful as it was everyday interactions that I can influence and I liked that it was fairly succinct. The main points that I have taken away are to take care of myself as I often forget or place too little value on this. Also teaching your child to recognise their emotions and to have strategies to handle them I think it’s easy to forget that children can struggle with this.I found the resources sent following the session helpful”