Science Day – 21st March 2019

On Thursday 21st March, we had our annual Science day.  We were extremely lucky to have a visit from Night Owls, who brought several different species of owl of different shapes and sizes and wowed us with a fantastic and very informative display.  The children were so excited to see the owls in flight as well as having the opportunity to hold them for a photograph.  

In Key Stage 2 many of the children are taking part in the British Science Stem competition titled “Brilliant Birds” and engineered their own design of bird using nothing but squares of paper.  A fantastic effort by all.  In Key Stage 1 and Early years we also had a bird themed day in the classrooms, as well as carrying out some fun and thought provoking mini investigations.

Our Science ambassadors asked children for their feedback of the day, responses included…

‘I enjoyed Science day, I really liked seeing the owls and the Barn owl was my favourite!’

‘I enjoyed making the birds and working as a team with my friends.’

enjoyed putting the skittles in water and watching the water turn different colours.’