Sporting Updates Feb 2020

Football Results

Despite the awful weather the Year 5 girls played three fixtures against Chaulden, Greenway and Potten End. Sadly the girls lost all of the matches but must be commended for their determination and perseverance playing against more experienced teams. This was the girls first season playing together, some of them never having played in a team before. We hope they will continue to play next year and take up the opportunities we offer to play in school.

The Year 5 boy have their last fixture next week. The Year 6 boys played their last match against Potten End and lost 4-1 in very challenging weather conditions. The team have been very fortunate to benefit from the support of their parents at the games and particularly Mr Young who has given up his time to arrange additional coaching sessions and on occasions referee a match. The boys showed their appreciation by presenting him with a trophy and signed picture of the team. Thank you Mr Young.


Our Netball team have had a busy month playing Bishop Wood, Bridgewater and Greenway. Congratulations to the girls on their astounding win against Greenway. Their last two fixtures are next week.


 The Year 6 class hiked up to Ashlyns to compete against other Dacorum schools in an athletics festival.

‘It was really fun and we tried our best to show every other school what Westfield can do. It tested our speed and agility. It was amazing to have the opportunity to take part.’  Archie

‘I loved the event. It helped me to push myself to the limits.’  Lucas

‘I enjoyed it because everything was really organised so everybody knew what to do and everyone was able to run their best.’  Arin

Daily Mile Morning

The whole school participated in Hertfordshire does the Daily Mile on Friday 14th February. More than 12,000 children and staff from over 60 Hertfordshire schools took part in the event organised by the Herts Sports and Physical Activity Partnership. Over 220 schools are now signed up to The Daily Mile in Hertfordshire and can evidence the phenomenal benefits that being active every day bring to the classroom.