Sporting Updates – June 2019

Daily Mile Track

Unfortunately, we had to postpone our Community Daily Mile due to a delay in receiving planning permission for the track. Hopefully we will have good news soon.  However, despite this everyone ran around the playground at our Open Learning Morning.

DSSN Festival

Year 4 enjoyed a day at Ashlyns School where they took part in a mini sports festival along with other schools in the town.  Westfield came 3rd overall and 1st in Netball High 5 and Athletics, showing amazing teamwork skills in all activities.














Saffron, Suri and Isaac participated in the Year 6 Herts Schools Athletics Association 600M track championships on 8th June. Running against the best athletes in the county our team did us proud in finishing within the top 20.

Dacorum School Games Inclusive Golf Archery Tennis & Cricket

Well done to Brandon, Skye, Louie and Lara who did extremely well at an inclusive sports event at Ashlyns School some of whom have been inspired to take on a new sport when they move on to Secondary school. The team’s success lead to selection to attend a county event at St Albans.

‘I really enjoyed it because it wasn’t just me who had a disability and I would really recommend it. There were sports that I hadn’t done before such as archery and the sports leaders were really helpful.’ Lara

‘I think it was a fun experience and I would recommend it. I would definitely go again for the golf. I also enjoyed it because no one there had an advantage because everyone had a disability.’ Louie











A small team from Year 2 through to Year 6 played a friendly match against similarly aged pupils from Bridgewater School. The children play for Berkhamsted Hockey Club who will be offering taster sessions for all years during Sports Week. If your child would like to take up an opportunity to play hockey in school please let us know so that we can plan our clubs for next year.