Y2 & Y5 Science Made Simple – June 2019

On Wednesday 12th June, Year 2 were wowed by an incredible show title “Bubbles and Balloons” that was put on for us by the Ogden Trust.  We got to see a whole range of experiments that made us wonder and ask questions.  Some of the class were chosen to participate in the investigations.  Caitlin and Jack were chosen to show how to catch bubbles, Maisy and Rachel learned how to make balloon kebabs, balloon rockets and Jack was put inside the world’s biggest bubble.  Thank you Grace from “Science Made Simple” who has really inspired us in our Science learning!


Reported by Matilda in Year 5

On the same day, Year 5 Picasso walked up to Greenway school to watch a Science show. The theme of the show was ‘Music and Sound’ and we got to take part in some mind-blowing experiments. We watched some simple but ingenious experiments such as; straw blowing, wind tube spinning, sound waves in a person’s voice and many others. The lady doing the show did a very cool experiment, which was, using a blow torch and putting it up a long plastic tube and leaving it there until it got very hot. Next, she took it out of the tube and as if by magic (without touching the tube), a nice sound came out the tube. It was quite loud!!  The whole of Year 5 really enjoyed it and would love to go again!