Y3 Celtic Harmony – Oct 2022

On Friday 7th October Mammoth Tribe (Team Matisse) arrived at Celtic Harmony to learn about the Stone Age. 

The class all had a fantastic day and enjoyed learning how they made fire in the Stone Age, building shelters and making Stone Age soup with dock leaves and different herbs like rosemary, thyme and lemon balm. We learned about flint knapping and even brought a Stone Age spear head back to school with us.  

After lunch they traded different objects including wood, animal fur, horns, shell and hammer stones. Some children enjoyed trying to con their friends to end up with objects worth more than when we started! Finally, it was time to go hunting. A real highlight of the day. The children threw small training spears through holes in pretend animals. Unfortunately, they weren’t able to slay the mammoth at the end! 

The children were very engaged asking lots of interesting questions and using what we have been learning in school to support their understanding. Well done also to Year 3 who then shared what they learnt in their class assembly the following week to the whole school and their parents and carers.