Year 3 Stoke Bruerne Canal Museum trip – April 2018

Year 3 went to the canal museum on Friday 20th April.  It was a glorious day and much fun was had! We had a ride on a canal boat and learned about how canals were pulled along by horses before the days they had an engine. We were also really fortunate to be able to help two boats manage the locks, opening the gates and watching the water levels rise and fall.  In the afternoon we learned about what canal boats were used for and how we might  have lived as a child years ago.  A couple of the children were dressed like canal children to show what it would have been like. Finally, we then visited the canal museum which had lots of interesting canal artefacts, a replica cabin and some old machinery to demonstrate the industry canal people would have been involved in.  The day gave us a flavour of how people used to live and how canals came to be important across the country, including Berkhamsted.  It was an interesting day and the children (and adults!) had a great time.