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School governors work on a voluntary basis and are central to the life of the School. The Governing Body is made up of parent governors, staff governors, Local Authority governors and community governors.

The governors meet on a regular basis to discuss such things as finance, personnel issues and matters relating to the use of the school premises.  At all times the Headteacher and the Governors work closely together.

Our governors are…



Term of Notice


Specific Area of Responsibility

Emma Leach

 Headteacher (Staff)

01/09/2023 to ongoing

  • Finance, Premises & Personnel 
  • Pay & Progression
  • The School

Ash Patil
(Interim Chair)


01/09/2023 to 29/02/2024

  • Finance, Premises & Personnel 
  • Pay & Progression 
  • Curriculum
  • Headteacher Appraisal
  • Chair of Pay & progression
  • Pupil Premium
  • SEN/Inclusion
  • Sports Premium
  • Offsite Visits & Learning Outside the Classroom (LOtC)

Daniel Boot


31/01/2021 to 30/01/2025


  • Curriculum 
  • Maths Link
  • Chair Curriculum Committee

Charley Eriksen


7/12/2020 to 6/12/2024

  • Finance, Premises & Personnel
  • SFVS
  • EYFS Link

Emily Millar


18/11/2021 to 17/11/2025


  • Curriculum
  • English Link

Kate Moody


25/02/2021 to 24/02/2025


  • Curriculum
  • CLA

Sarah Goodchild

Staff (Deputy Head)

01/04/2022 to ongoing

  • Curriculum


Alex Traube-Childs


28/09/2022 to 27/08/2026

  • Curriculum
  • Computer Link

Paulius Gailiunas


01/09/2022 to 31/08/2026

  • Finance, Premises & Personnel
  • Health & Saftey
  • Health & Safety

Sophie Fleming


21/03/2023 to 20/03/2027


You can contact the governing body, either by writing to them care of the school or emailing Your email will be forwarded on to the relevant governor.

Minutes of Governor meetings are available on request either by calling the school office on 01442 862729 or emailing