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Mrs Stace and Milo complete the 2.6 Challenge!


Hi Everyone! 

I am delighted to say that I got up early this morning to take on my 2.6 Challenge on Northchurch common and I did it!!!!






In true Westfield style I definitely put myself in the ‘ stretch zone ‘, as I am certainly more a dog walker than a runner!

That said, as my morning quote  on my calendar quite rightly said , ‘If you never try you’ll never know’ 

I now know that I ‘CAN ‘ run 2.6 K which for many of you I appreciate would be a walk in the park – however for me, it felt more like a marathon! 

Thanks to Milo running by my side and my daughter’s support and company I am proud to share the attached photos . 















Thank you Harrison for inspiring me to do this – I hope Harrison, Milo and I  have now inspired you to put yourselves in the stretch zone and try something new and take part in the 2.6 challenge – it’s never too late!

In fact, I have now decided that I will get up and go on my second run on Friday – you never know, maybe I could run 5 K by the end of lockdown!!!

Enjoy your day everyone 

Take care 

Mrs Stace and Milo 

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update 
16th March 2020 
This evening the Prime Minister announced a change to the measure I put in my letter to you earlier today.

Self isolation and staying at home
The Government’s advice regarding self-isolation has now changed to ‘a whole household isolation’ approach.
With immediate effect, where anyone has or develops the symptoms of a new continuous cough or high temperature , however mild ALL family members of the household must now stay at home and self-isolate for at least 14 days to protect others and help slow the spread of disease .  Please notify the school by e mail, if possible and if not phone, to inform us of any child absence.  I am sure you can appreciate that we are experiencing an increase in parent communication at this current time.
The Department for Education Coronavirus helpline is now available to answer questions about COVID-19 relating to education. Parents and young people can contact their helpline as follows:
  • Phone 0800 046 8687
  • Email:
  • Opening hours: 8am to 6pm (Monday to Friday) 

Please continue with all the NHS best practice guidance regarding hand hygiene and refer to:  for the latest information. 

I appreciate the additional pressure this puts on all of those involved and would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support and understanding during this rapidly changing and difficult time.

We are aware that the situation is changing on a daily basis and will continue to update you on the basis of the advice we receive as the situation continues to evolve. 

Operation Encompass

Westfield school are fully behind and supportive of a new Police initiative designed to support children facing domestic abuse.

Operation Encompass is a police and education early information sharing partnership enabling schools to offer immediate support for children and young people experiencing domestic abuse. Information is shared by the police with a school’s trained Key Adult (DSL) prior to the start of the next school day after officers have attended a domestic abuse incident thus enabling appropriate support to be given, dependent upon the needs and wishes of the child.

Children experiencing domestic abuse are negatively impacted by this exposure; domestic abuse has been identified as an Adverse Childhood Experience and can lead to emotional, physical and psychological harm. Operation Encompass aims to mitigate this harm by enabling immediate support, making a child’s day better and giving them a better tomorrow.  Operation Encompass believes that children are victims of domestic abuse in their own right and should be acknowledged as such.

The principles of Operation Encompass are very simple and easy to adopt. Within every school a trained Key Adult is appointed – the Key Adult receives information about abusive incidents directly from the police. The Key Adult will be notified prior to the start of the next school day that the police have attended an incident of domestic abuse to which a child has been exposed. This timely knowledge enables a plan for appropriate support to be made for that child so that all interactions, from when the child first arrives at the school gates, are of a positive nature.

Within Operation Encompass all records are managed at Child Protection level with the highest level of security and confidentiality, and in full accordance with GDPR.

For more information go to

A copy of the Operation Encompass parent letter can be viewed below.

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