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Throughout the journey at Westfield we intend for our children to develop their love of reading and writing.  Our children will leave our school with the fundamental literacy skills to enable them to access their onward curriculum.  Our children will have the reading skills and fluency to be able to understand a range of genres and have an intrinsic love of literature in its many forms.  Children are to be equipped with a range of methods to express their ideas creatively and have the confidence and experience of each of these methods eg. speaking and listening, drama and role play and writing.  The children and teachers will have high expectations for their written and spoken work; these high expectations will be continually modelled by all staff so that the children are always clear as to what they need to be successful at their stage; fluency of language skills will be expected and enabled across the whole of the curriculum; aspirational vocabulary will be taught and clarified and children have the confidence to extend their word choices.


We look to achieve this through creating a culture of reading in and around our school. This is done in a number of ways: members of staff have a poster showing books they enjoy reading outside their classrooms/offices; year class has a ‘we are reading ..’ poster, to show the books we are enjoying; each child borrows a book from our library on a weekly basis; we celebrate world book day; we have well stocked book corners in each classroom; we have a KS1 and KS2 library stocked with a good mixture of books; we enjoy daily guided reading lessons; we enjoy daily whole class story time; children are given a book in the week of their birthday as a gift.