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What is W1SPA?

We’re Westfield Primary School’s Parents Association, and every Westfield parent is a member. Without W1SPA, school trips would cost more; there would be no fairs, film nights or discos; no theatre or musical workshops, and no Santa handing out gifts at the children’s Christmas lunch. Every penny raised from our events is turned into books, …

Committee Members

Committee Members and Their Roles: Joint Chairs Bex Plenderleith and Sianne Plenderleith Deputy Chair Angharad Harrisson Treasurer Vicky Parslew Deputy Treasurer Gina Shelton Secretary Emily Perks Admin Officer Suzanne Dixon Artwork and publicity Allan Plenderleith Publicity Distribution Fiona Cook and Kirsty Eaton Supermarket Vouchers Jo Harding Giving Machine Frankie Boot Cake Sales Rep Karen Fletcher …


Minutes of Meetings


Supermarket Vouchers Supermarket vouchers are a fantastically easy way for all parents to raise FREE money for the school, simply by paying for your shopping with gift vouchers! The supermarkets give the school up to 8% back of vouchers spent and you can buy vouchers for TESCO, Sainsbury and Waitrose/John Lewis. You can buy new …