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Ethos & Values

“Our children are at the heart of everything we do.”

Our Vision

Our vision is for our children to become confident, independent and resilient learners.

We believe that this is best achieved by applying a ‘growth mindset’ which is about encouraging our children to believe in themselves and their abilities. Through hard work and effort, we apply this approach to everything we do at Westfield. As a result, our children discover a love of learning, embracing the challenges which face them and crucially – equipping them for the future.

Our Ethos and Values

Well-being for all is at the heart of Westfield school life. Every member of the school community is valued and respected. We believe that children learn more effectively if they feel happy, safe and secure.

We value every child as an individual, aiming to provide them with the very best education and care in a safe and secure environment.

We provide rich, exciting and stimulating learning experiences and deliver this through a broad and balanced curriculum, enabling our children to thrive and succeed.

We have a dedicated and hardworking team of staff and governors who set high expectations of behaviour and attainment. We encourage our children to be caring and supportive and to demonstrate our school values.

We encourage strong partnerships with parents and the local community. By working closely with parents we aim to provide their children with the very best education and support to develop life skills.

Westfield’s full and rounded approach to a child’s education allows them to grow self-confidence, self-respect and good friendships in a stimulating learning environment.

We focus on developing a ‘Growth Mindset’ among our pupils, alongside implementing a mindfulness practice. We believe it is vital that our children are taught that their talents and abilities are not fixed and that they have the power and capability to improve at anything. By fostering a ‘Growth Mindset’ in our children, we are showing them that they can achieve their best by focusing and putting in sustained effort. The children have responded very positively since the introduction of this idea and they can readily tell when they are stepping outside their ‘comfort zone’ and into their ‘stretch-zone’ in order to do their best. The children are learning to embrace making mistakes as part of the process of learning and attempting more challenging work.

Alongside this, we have introduced a daily meditation practice in all classes from Reception to Year 6. In order for children to learn effectively and flourish, their minds need to be calm. There is a growing body of evidence that shows that when children meditate, they reduce their levels of stress and anxiety and activate the calming-response part of their brain. In Key Stage 2, the children are taught the Paws.b Mindfulness 6-week curriculum. Again, the children have responded very positively to the introduction of meditation and, quite tellingly, many say that they are meditating at home before they go to bed, or with their family members.