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What is W1SPA?

We’re Westfield Primary School’s Parents Association, and every Westfield parent is a member.

Without W1SPA, school trips would cost more; there would be no fairs, film nights or discos; no theatre or musical workshops, and no Santa handing out gifts at the children’s Christmas lunch.

Every penny raised from our events is turned into books, toys, learning aids, IT equipment and improving the school environment; all the things our children need, but the school’s budget can’t always finance.

In short, without the £12,000+ we raise every year, our school would genuinely suffer.

How you can help…

Come to our family events, donate old toys to be sold at the school fairs or sign up to host a stall for half an hour, rustle up some raffle prizes…. Even if you work full time or have your hands full at home, you can make a hugely valuable contribution.

Or, if you can spare more time, take a more active role. Join us at our next meeting and contribute your own money-spinning ideas, or help out with an event.

Westfield needs W1SPA, and W1SPA needs you! From spending 20p on a cake at your child’s class cake sale to running an event, every little really does help.

To find out more, or to offer ideas or time, please email