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Supermarket Vouchers

Supermarket vouchers are a fantastically easy way for all parents to raise FREE money for the school, simply by paying for your shopping with gift vouchers! The supermarkets give the school up to 8% back of vouchers spent and you can buy vouchers for TESCO, Sainsbury and Waitrose/John Lewis.

You can buy new vouchers every month and can even set up a standing order to ensure your order is always placed. You can collect your vouchers from Jo Harding in the playground every month or download the Supermarket Voucher Form and hand it to either Jo Harding or drop it in the W1SPA post box in the school reception area.

The Giving Machine

This is another easy way to raise funds for the school. Simply click on The Giving Machine logo. Either register or select ‘Give Anonymously’, then search for Westfield Primary School.  You then go through to the online store you wish to purchase from, and the process is exactly the same as usual.  Participating online shops pay The Giving Machine a sales commission for directing shoppers to them and these commissions are passed on to the school!  Below is a step-by-step guide on how to register Westfield for the Giving Machine.

All you have to do is remember to ‘shop and give’ for free at The Giving Machine!  So far 17 members of The Giving Machine have already raised over £20 so please consider joining.


And remember you can buy LABELS for your child’s clothes from and Westfield will receive 10% commission! Simply select Westfield First School from the pull down menu when placing your order!