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Dear Parents and carers

As you are aware your child’s emotional well being and mental health continues to be extremely important to us . Since the Covid pandemic we have noticed that children’s emotional resilience has been affected and so we continue to look at what more we can offer to support you and your child.

We are delighted to be able to offer you some very short webinar clips FREE of charge and available to access on the Happy Human link below to further support you in understanding and supporting your child’s emotional well being and managing their BIG emotions. Charlotte Clarke from happy Human ran our Body positivity workshops during Feeling Good week and also some online workshops for your children during lockdown where many of you have shared how supportive these were. 
These very short 5-10 minute webinar clips include –
Part 1- The developing brain 
Part 2- Meet the monster emotions 
Part 3- Naming and taming emotions 
Part 4- Finishing the feeling 
Part 5- Techniques to manage monster emotions with the password feelinggoodweek22
Please take a moment to click on the link below to access these free resources. If you do access these we would be very interested in receiving your feedback and what you felt particularly supported you
Many thanks for continuing to closely work with us to support your child’s well being.

Suzanne and the Westfield Team 


At Westfield we pride ourselves on closely working in partnership with our parents to support your child’s emotional well being and academic achievement.  Please see document below of the range of ways we communicate and work with you to support your child’s learning and progress. 

This is also where you will find Herts Catering Menus to discuss with your child.

Please note that Parent Forum meetings have not been taking place in the pandemic, but they will resume when safe to do so.