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BBC Schools Digger and the Gang
BBC Schools Dynamo’s Den
Harcourt School Publishers Multimedia Maths Glossary
BBC Schools Numbertime
  Numberline Lane
BBC Schools Starship
Maths problems and games nrich
Canterbury Cross Primary School Free Downloadable Maths Resources (games)

Number Order

Computing Games

Dinosaur Place Value Game

Shark Pool Game

Post Letter Game

Life Guard Game

Nutty Numbers Cats in Line
Harcourt School Publishers

Count along to 100

Numberline Express

Maths Online The Awards Ceremony Game
BBC Skillwise Comparing Numbers
Lancs NGfL Number Vocabulary
Ambleside Primary Guess the Number
BGfL Guess My Number

Ordering and Place Value

BBC Skillwise Place Value
Harcourt School Publishers Carnival Cars
BGfL Partitioning
Greater and Less Than

Two less than

Two more than

Innovations Learning Crocodile game < or >
Computing Games

Rabbit Game

Octopus game

Odd and Even
Computing Games The Dragon’s Egg
Rounding Numbers
APlusMath Rounding Flashcards
BBC Skillwise Rounding and estimating Seashell Rounding
Computing Games Helipad Hops

Counting in Steps

Ambleside School


Make a number grid

BBC Number Time Mend the Number Square
BGfL Bead Numbers
FunBrain Number Cracker
Computing Games

Fishy 2’s

Fairy in the Fog 2s

Duck Shoot 10s Target

Missing Numbers

Maths Online Counting on the Number Line

Addition and Subtraction

Numbers to 10
BBC Little Animals

Addition Game

Subtraction Game

Computing Games

Safe Cracker

Robin Hood Archery Doubles

Monkey maths


Harcourt School Publishers

High Rise Maths

Addition Surprise

Saint Ambrose School Year 1/2 More Than Page
Computing Games

5 and a bit , Ogre hit!

Make a 10 pipe

Target Take Away

Ambleside Primary School Number Bond Machines
Numbers over 10
Computing Games

Funky Mummy Game

Fuel Stop adding 5

Adding 10 on a Number Square

Adding 10 Submarine Challenge

Robin Hood Archery Doubles

BBC Skillswise

Fridge Magnet Game

Canterbury Cross Primary School Partition for Addition
Computing Games

Adding 9 on a Number Square

The Adding 9 Fairy

100 Hunt Adding 11

Techno Tortoise


2 player Addition Game

Batters up Baseball Game

Maths Online Bug Race
Ambleside School Interactive Number Grid
FunBrain Line Jumper
BBC Education Dynamo

Money Snap

Bargins Galore


Counting using Money

Subtract with Money

Checkout Challenge

IMF What in the World is Money
Computing Games

Money Splat

Price Challenge 20p

Price Challenge 50p

Money Calculator

Ambleweb Virtual Shop

Multiplication and Division

BBC Education Mathsfile Grid Game
MathCats Explore the Multiplication Table
Harcourt School Publishers

Multiplication Mystery

Captain Nick Knack

BBC Skillswise


Multiples and factors

BGfL Division Bingo
Canterbury Cross Primary School Division
Fractions, Decimals and Percentages
BBC Skillwise

Introduction to Fractions

Comparing Fractions






Computing Games Match fractions, decimals and percentages
Harcourt School Publishers

Match Fractions to Shapes

Match Fractions to Decimals

Computing Games

Shifting Shapes Reception

Shifting Shapes Year 1

3D Shifting Shapes

Primary Resources 3D Shapes
MathsCats Tesselation Town
Canterbury Cross Primary School Shapes
NGfL Cymru 2-D Shapes Quiz
Harcourt School Publishers

Buzzing with Shapes Game

Dr Gee’s 3D Lab

echalk Polygon Tool
Kidscom Tangram game
Data Handling
BGfL Measures Jack the builder
BBC Skillswise Collecting Data
Computing Games Hickory Dickory Clock
Ambleside Primary School Clock
Harcourt School Publishers

Willy the Watch Dog

Matching Time

Weight and Length
Computing Games Scales Reader

Weigh it up

Area and Perimeter

Harcourt School Publishing Match Metric Measurements

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