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Sports Events

  • Sporting Updates – Mar 2019 - March has been a busy sporting month with achievements inside and outside of school.
  • Sporting updates – Feb 2019 - We are delighted to announce that we have successfully achieved our recent bid with the Healthy Schools Capital grant to have a Daily Mile track installed around the perimeter of our field.
  • Sporting Updates – Jan 2019 - Sports Fever Welcome to Sports Fever who are providing before and after school clubs as well as expert sports tuition in PE lessons. There are a range of clubs on offer from Dodgeball to Multi Skills. Please discuss what is on offer with your child as set out in their most recent letter, a copy …
  • Sporting Updates Nov 2018 - This Month has been a busy one for Sport, with the Y2 participating in a Sports Festival, the Football and Netball Teams playing League Matches and children participating in Cross Country events.
  • Sporting Updates – Oct 2018 - This month has seen the beginning of the Football and Netball fixtures, find out how they got on.
  • Sporting Updates – June 2018 - This month has been packed with sport, with a Girl's Football Session and Sports Festivals for Year R and 4.
  • South Hill Football Tournament – May 2018 - On Saturday 12th May, we entered the Year 3 and 4 South Hill Football Tournament.